Why hank?

Our mission is to make consumers financially well. We conveniently improve their probability of making bill and loan payments on time while helping them pay their loans off faster.

Our Benefits

First Class Support

Professional client service representatives available to assist you along the way

Budget Tools

Structured program provides discipline to keep you on budget, on track and worry free

Roll Down Method

Ranks multiple debts by highest interest rate in order to payoff the most expensive loans first

Accelerate and Save

Potential to accelerate the payoff of your debt and reduce the total interest paid

Learn About Hank

Hank for Consumers

Hank is a bank-enabled technology platform that acts as a consumer's personal financial concierge using powerful tools to automate the complexities of personal cash flow management.

Hank for Business

Hank provides lenders with visibility into a borrowers available funds and the ability to pay while also enabling workout plans to cure delinquencies and signal when delinquencies may occur within the portfolio so preventive action can be taken.

Hank for Affiliates and Wholesalers

Hank partners benefit from powerful business intelligence that identifies when customers are in, or are approaching positive equity in their loans. This knowledge arms our partners with valuable equity data mining and improved customers payment history.


Client Stories

I have never had any issues with using this program. I never needed to write a check and have successfully been on time and saved interest on my mortgage over the past few years. I have also recommended Hank to many people."
Timothy L

The program is powered by Hank Payments. Your funds will be held at or transferred to Metropolitan Commercial Bank, an FDIC-insured institution. While there, your funds are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC in the event Metropolitan Commercial Bank fails if specific deposit insurance requirements are met. FDIC insurance does not protect your funds in the event of Hank Payments’ failure or from the risk of theft or fraud. Additional information about deposit insurance is available on the FDIC’s website at https://www.fdic.gov/resources/deposit-insurance.