In short Everyone!

Hank has home owners with multiple investment properties managing their mortgage payments and their auto loans.

Hank has very low credit users who just bought a car at a very high financing cost and knows they need to get financially well so they can change that car in a year or two or pay it off faster and potentially improve their credit.

Customers from all walks of life use Hank.  We pay hundreds and hundreds of lenders; We may tens of thousand of payments every month; We handle tens of millions of dollars worth of cash flow each month for Hank customers.

What all of our customers have in common is they want convenience and discipline in their financial lives.  Hank delivers both!

Well, it’s complicated.  But cash flow management and payment management is complicated.

But we take complicated and make it simple for you, while complicated things are still happening behind the scenes.  Still sound complicated?

Hank looks at all your cash coming in and what days that happens – like payrolls.

Hank then looks at all your payments going out – which are never on the same day you get paid! Sigh.
Hank does math.  Lot of math, to look at your highest cost loans, when they are due vs. when you have cash and Hank looks at any and all other payments you tell him to.
Hank then tells you: Instead of 10 different debits on 8 different days Hank will debit you 4 times (or 1 or 2 or 3 etc).  Those debits will be big enough to build up cash to make your payments, but small enough to make sure you still have money to live. Hank gives you the payment amounts and savings and you agree (but you can always change it)
Hank activates your debit and payment plan and runs every day doing exactly what you agreed Hank would do for you. Debit & Credit accounts automatically on a payment cycle that works best for your cash flow!!

Improves your payment performance.

Automates your bill and loan payment handling.

Saves you lots of interest!

Can improve your credit.

Puts you on a path to financial wellness OR keeps you there if you are in good shape already!

If you ready to sign-up to let Hank run your financial life, we can start with one simple payment and add more as you get to understand the power of the Hank Platform.  At the very least your Auto or Mortgage are payments you want to include, but you don’t have to add both right away although we recommend you do! Our affordable fee’s vary depending on the loan and payment type so we recommend you connect with our  customer advisors to walk you through the savings and fee structures.  The good news is you pay nothing up front.  Hank fee’s are paid over time as YOU realize the benefits – so everyone can afford Hank! To speak to someone about Hank fill out this form below : (Insert Form fill)