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Conveniently automate your monthly payments with advanced scheduling features to help your budget.

Animation showing how the Hank program works
Animation showing how the Hank program works

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The New Way to Bill Pay


Monthly bills are typically paid from one paycheck, making your budget tight for the rest of the month.

Let Hank Help.

Hank allows you to divide your payments into manageable amounts, debited on the day you get paid. Hank then automatically pays your bills.

Sit back and relax. Pay the better way with Hank.

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Accelerate and

Are you ready to see how much potential you have to accelerate the payoff of your debt and reduce the total interest you pay with Hank?

Roll Down

When you add multiple loans on Hank,  annual biweekly bonus payments are paid to your debt with the highest interest. Hank makes sure to pay your most expensive debt first, automatically!


Hank gives you budget control! Every payday, enjoy smaller more affordable debits to pay your monthly bills. What is left in your account is yours to spend! 

First Class

Here to help you! Hank’s first class support team is ready to help you get started. Online access and phone support available to assist you along the way. Get started today!

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Hank is your trusted Bill Pay Concierge


Hank is a bank-enabled technology platform that acts as your personal, financial concierge using powerful tools to automate the complexities of personal cash flow management.

Our mission is to make consumers financially well.

This starts with helping you pay the right way with Hank

All Consumer funds are FDIC insured.

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Estimated Interest Saved represents interest payments that are not made as a result of early loan payoff. Figures are estimates which include Debit Service Charges in the Hank Debit Amount and deduction of all membership fees from savings.

The Hank Payments™ Automated Payments Program (the “Hank Payments Program”, “Payments Program” or “Program”) is issued through Metropolitan Commercial Bank (“MCB”), member FDIC and is administered by Hank Payments Corp. The Program is marketed and distributed on a non-exclusive basis by Hank Payments Corp. (“Hank Payments”).
2. This benefit is not available to all customers. Eligibility is dependent on (1) your loan repayment schedule and repayment status, and (2) your lender.